International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto

August 20-23, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


Formula Х – information partner of InterAuto

18 April 2024

Real men love drive, speed, outdoor activities and quality service. Shopping mall Formula X, an information partner of InterAuto located in the south of Moscow, offers such an assortment of men's goods and services, which is not available in any other shopping mall.

Formula X shopping mall is:

  • The total area of more than 33 thousand square meters. 

  • Over 80 shops and salons.

  • 50 brands of equipment.

  • 100 automotive brands.

  • 40 brands of boats.

  • 60 outfit brands.

  • 20 types of power equipment.

There is a pond near the shopping mall where it is possible to demonstrate boats and other watercrafts, and also nearby there is its own track where test drives of motor vehicles are held.

You can be sure that you have made the right choice, because here any vehicles can be tested in action.