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The expert revealed the nuances of the arrival of Chinese electric cars in Russia

24 August 2023

For several years, Chinese electric cars have been in demand among Russian citizens, some transportation companies have begun to export cars through the Republic of Belarus, thereby increasing sales.

Wang Hao, co-founder of the Chinese transporter EV-PANDA, spoke at the InterAuto exhibition about how Chinese cars enter the Russian market.

Wang Hao said that starting from 2023, they had decided to create a company on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, and today 50% of their clients are citizens of Russia.

Since 2023 they have exported about 3 thousand cars to the Republic of Belarus and the CIS, this is a lot, especially when compared with the previous year. The entrepreneur also said that transporting the car from China to Russia costs about $1,500.

Electric cars enter Belarus by train through Kazakhstan, such transportation is considered safe. The cost of the car is approximately 7 million rubles.

China is ready to share with Russia its unique technologies for the production of reliable and high-quality electric vehicles, he said.

Wang Hao stressed that friendship between Russia and China is at a high level, many factories are trying to engage in production in Russia and the Republic of Belarus, so this is the future.