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Records season at Crocus Expo!

28 August 2007

And not figuratively but in the most direct sense. Key parameters on which the International Exhibition center Crocus Expo is nominated to the Russia Guiness Book of Records will be registered within the frames of the exhibition InterAuto-2007.

Crocus Expo has been nominated to the Book of Records falling into three categories:

  • - the biggest exhibition pavilion 394 248 square meters (the third pavilion Crocus Expo)
  • - the biggest exhibition complex territory 548 794 square meters (three Crocus Expo pavilions incorporated with passages)
  • - the quickest construction (by construction volume) the construction of the third pavilion Crocus Expo IEC with volume of 2709,5 thousand cubic meters from September 2006 till August 23, 2007.

The records acknowledgement will be certified by the editor-in-chief of the Russia Guiness Book of Records, the President Pari Agency Alexey Svistunov. Moreover, leaders of public opinion, that is, representatives of federal, regional and foreign mass media will eyewitness the registration of the record.

But surprises and unexpected for the attendees, visitors and VIP guests of the show InterAuto-2007 during the first opening day are not limited to above mentioned.

August 29 at 1.40 p.m. upon termination of the Press conference and Official Opening Ceremony of the exhibition one of the most unexpected and original championship in the world will take place on the central alley opposite the first pavilion of Crocus Expo. We mean the Second All-Russian Championship on Transport Passenger Capacity under an intrigue name Excuse me, Move! It is more than enough to hear the ironic name of the championship, and at once it becomes obvious, that for visitors and journalists the first day of work of the exhibition InterAuto will not be boring at all. August 29 the visitors of Crocus Expo IEC will become witnesses of original bewitching spectacle of records. They will eyewitness establishing of Russian records on the greatest quantity of people going in one transport vehicle, namely:

  • - the greatest quantity of people going in a passenger car
  • - the greatest quantity of people riding on a bicycle
  • - and even (difficult to imagine!) the greatest quantity of people riding on a skateboard!

However the championship is not organized for the sake of entertainment only. Similar competitions will allow to estimate opportunities of vehicles and devices and will yield to manufacturers of the devices useful results. Tested equipment will include popular car KIA SPECTRA, and also a sports bicycle and a skateboard. A respectable and elegant sedan KIA SPECTRA is kindly granted by company SOKIA which is the official distributor of South-Korean concern KIA Motors in Russia. The skateboard and bicycle are granted by the Agency of Sports Communications 360 SCA which is the partner of Crocus Expo on a number of other interesting projects.

Achievements will be fixed and registered in the Russia Guiness Book of Records. An obligatory condition for registration of a record is that it is necessary to drive in the vehicle filled by people, at least, 10 meters.

It is pleasant, that Russians were the first to establish such an original championship on transport passenger capacity. The first similar records also were established in Moscow in September, 2006. Last year the passenger compartment of an ordinary Zhiguli fitted 13 persons and a wagon model as many as 17! During the second championship Excuse me, Move! everything possible will be done in order to break already established records. Its not a secret, that Moscow public transport conditions and never ending traffic jams is an excellent opportunity to practice.

All records registered in Crocus Expo and included in the Russia Guiness Book of Records will be submitted for consideration to be included into famous and world widely known Guiness Book of World Records.

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