International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto

August 20-23, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


Russian Coatingsi will present at InterAuto own brands of car paints and varnish

6 August 2021

Russian Coatingsi, an exhibitor of the InterAuto exhibition, has been producing paint products for more than 180 years. Today, the company can be safely ranked among the leaders of the industry. Thanks to advanced technologies, its own scientific developments, investment and production capabilities, Russian Coatingsi AO is the sole enterprise in Russia on the TOP 100 list of leading global paint and coatings manufacturers, according to the data of the American Coatings World magazine.

2 product lines of auto repair systems will be displayed at the exhibition: VIKA and ARMAX.

Auto repair system VIKA is a full range of paints for professional and amateur car repair domestic and foreign production. Vika produced under the brand name of high-tech materials for the preparation and painting of surfaces (acrylic, melaminoalkidnye and alkyd enamels, varnishes, primers, fillers), as well as auxiliary, abrasive and polishing systems.In the line of the Vika products are materials for all stages of the repair surface on the vehicle: on filter funnels and polishing wheels to high-quality enamels, and a new tinting system Vika the first Russian laboratory on the selection of color.

ARMAX. Under this brand combined the solutions of painters in the Russian market. In a compact range of included fillers, primers, varnishes and auxiliary materials, the most popular among professionals who appreciate the combination of desired technical performance with a reasonable price.

Besides Russian Coatings will display an own unique development - the Armax car repair coloring system.

Welcome to the Russian Coatings stand at InterAuto!

August 24 through 27, 2021, Crocus Expo, Pavilion 1, hall 3, stand 010.