International exhibition
of automotive industry InterAuto

August 23-26, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


Rubber Paint manufacturer of rubber coating protective paint No. 1 in Russia!

29 June 2021

10 years ago it was time when Rubber Paint truly became pioneers in their field, one of the first in the country to begin development of technologies for the production of protective coatings.

Rubber Paint has always relied on its own resources, purposefully creating completely Russian production, producing competitive world-class products - universal protective compositions for cars and applications in other fields.

Today the company actively conducts business with both wholesale customers and final retail consumers, and also works according to the contract production scheme under the customer's trademark.

The company is always open to productive cooperation with bloggers, media personalities, public opinion leaders. It also runs own video blog on Youtube how to use the products.

Besides Rubber Paint often sponsors of various events.

Rubber Paint will present two types of coatings within the frames of the InterAuto 2021 exhibition:

Unique polyurea-based protective coating (85% of polyurea). This is a particularly strong, sprayable protective coating of two-component polyurea, having excellent adhesive properties, highly resistant to chemical and mechanical effects, as well as excellent resistance to UV radiation. The coating forms a thick, strong protective film. Resistant to mechanical effects (impacts, scratches, deformation, etc.) and wear. Protects the surface from corrosion and damage by various chemicals. Dye fast.


Discover polyurethane coating for metal with a strong resistance to atmospheric wear and tear and excellent covering ability to create smooth and uniform finishes that are long-lasting. Find environmentally friendly painting solutions that are free of biocides and plasticizers and dont react chemically with substrates. These smears are ready for use, affordable, dye fast and come in many different color shades. Coatings be dipped, brushed, or sprayed.

Do not miss! Pavilion 1, hall 3, stand 430