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Restructured Active

13 August 2019

SUPROTEC restructures product line of tribo additives for engines, having made them multiple-purpose.

Research and Productive Trading company company SUPROTEC was established in Saint Petersburg in 2002. The company possesses modern scientific and technical capabilities and professional scientists and engineers that manage a modern laboratory, providing high-tech manufacturing facilities that correspond to the European standard ISO 9001.

Their main manufacturing facilities and research center located in St. Petersburg the centre of North-Western automotive cluster. This allows them to maintain a direct working relationship with manufacturers and to respond promptly to all new trends in the automotive industry. The main task of the company SUPROTEC development, production and wide distribution of domestic products of autochemistry and motor oils with characteristics at the level of the best world brands.

In 2019, the company Suprote restructures the line of tribotechnical structures of the Active series. In this regard, some changes have been made in the packaging of the Active Plus tribosomes. You can already get the goods in new packaging. The composition in the new packaging has the same principle of operation, the purpose and the same effectiveness as other compositions.

The product cleans friction surfaces from lacquers and deposits on the 1st stage of treatment, including de-coking of the piston rings in their mobility; increases and stabilizes compression in the ICE cylinders (due to the formation of a new layer and sealing gaps in friction units); restores oil pressure in the engine oil system up to rated; decreases oil waste; increases of the engine life in 1.5-2 times (due to wear intensity decreasing); increases engine effective power (as a result of fuel combustion quality improvement, decreasing combustion gas leakages to carter, and drop of friction losses); reduces oil waste consumption in the engine up to 3 times (due to the increase in gas-tight piston grooves); provides maximum engine protection in extreme working conditions, also in case of overloading or overheating and during cold start-up; and makes start at low temperatures much easier.

Formerly there were different Active lines for various types of vehicles. Now universal Active PLUS will replace previous Active and Active Plus, Active REGULAR will replace previous Active Regular and Active PREMIUM will replace Off-road 4x4 DVS. The new tribo additives are already available alongside with classical ones.