International exhibition
of automotive industry InterAuto

August 23-26, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


The best air fresheners FOUETTE for cars, home and office

13 August 2018

Fouette is glad to inform the guests of the exhibition that the company again participates in the InterAuto exhibition of automotive industry!

When you are in your vehicle a lot, whether for daily commutes back and forth to work or traveling longer distances, it is much more pleasant to be in that vehicle when it smells fresh and clean. Getting into a vehicle that smells bad is never pleasant. Depending on the odors, some bad smells get worse as time goes on. The best way to prevent smells from getting worse is to clean up the messes as they happen rather than putting it off until later.

FOUETTE Inc has been for more than 9 years engaged in production of air fresheners for cars, home and office. The company offer a great variety of standard, everyday air fresheners for cars. The entire process is controlled by a qualified staff. The production process is fully automated, which allows to offer a range of the more than 200 products They are made from carefully selected ingredients to produce exquisite fragrance blends. Only natural, environmentally clean ingredients are used to strength the fragrance. Products include samples of valve type thus by pressing the button you can test the fragrance. The product packing can be easily opened and it provides a detailed description and user instruction.

The company FOUETTE is focused on the customer and long-term perspective cooperation. The list of the clients feature many companies from large retailers to individual entrepreneurs.

Everybody will have an opportunity to get consultancy about the availability and production possibilities to create custom car air fresheners to best fit your needs. Discover the top most popular car air fresheners at the best price!