International exhibition
of automotive industry InterAuto

August 23-26, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


Absolute quality from Cometa company

8 August 2018

Cometa company has been operating in the Russian market since 2002. It is the only enterprise in Russia to provide various machinery, equipment, facilities and chemicals intended for car wash, utility, hydraulic, food and agricultural segments.

The stand will present to the visitors:

1. Portal, tunnel washing systems and car washing systems self-service from Ceccato. Ceccato SpA is one of the leading Italian manufacturers in the field of washing systems and equipment for all vehicles, from cars to trains. Design plays a central role in the strategic vision. Ergonomics, environmental and economic sustainability, technology and aesthetics are the core principles behind investments to meet the request for modularity, hygiene, performance and energy savings of an increasingly global and consequently more demanding company.
2. Pressure washers, diaphragm and plunger pumps from Comet. Comet S.p.A. boasts a consolidated and capillary presence in the market of high pressure cleaners, using both warm and cold water. The wide range of products includes models from semi-professional to professional, with electric or diesel engines and with pressures up to 500 Bar. The success of the Cleaning Division is founded on innovation and customer satisfaction, mainstays for the Company in its entirety.
3. Chemicals from Daerg Chimica. Knowledge, innovation, dynamism, competence and passion are the keys of Daerg Chimicas success, leader company for over 30 years in the carwash market, which produces chemical detergents and products for carwashes and the car-beauty.
4. Hose reels from Ramex. RAMEX is a world leading supplier and developer of accessories and solutions within the cleaning, tooling sectors and displacement of each type of fluid.
5. Various accessories for car wash under high pressure from PA.

For detailed information please refer to the official website of the company at /.