International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto

August 20-23, 2024  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2


3D- wheel alignment stands

17 April 2018

A Russian producer EASYRAY will present at InterAuto 3D- wheel alignment stands intended for testing and setting of the wheel geometry of passenger cars by means of a modern and reliable double-camber 3D technology.

In order to guarantee the extremely high level of comfort required when driving a modern automobile, the wheel geometry must be measured and adjusted exactly. The most important wheel geometry parameters are the individual toe angle and the total toe angle, the camber angle and the castor angle.

The manufacturer releases two types of stands EASYRAY 200 and EASYRAY 500.

For detailed information please visit EASYRAY stand at the InterAuto exhibition or refer to the official website of the company at