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Novelties from SUPROTEC

27 July 2015

Research and Productive Trading company SUPROTEC was founded in 2002. The companys leading product is innovative, well-established tribotechnical compounds (additives and lubricants) dedicated to the prevention of wear and abrasion. The products are well-proven engine oil additives, which provide anti-friction and wear-off resistance to the car-engine parts. The company provide lubricants and motor oil additives, fuel additives, transmission oil additives, hydraulic liquid additives for cars and industrial equipment, designed for diesel, petrol and LPG engines. The products are applied in engine knots, gearboxes, high pressure fuel pumps, hydraulic boosters.  The company possesses modern scientific and technical capabilities and professional scientists and engineers that manage a modern laboratory, providing high-tech manufacturing facilities.

SUPROTEC in 2015 released the first product for passenger car cab cleaning agent for car ventilation system.

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