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News about International exhibition of automotive industry InterAuto

09 July 2018
EKO|BIO TDK autofilters

An absolutely new air filter for LADA (VAZ) injector TDK AUTOFILTER will be displayed at the InterAuto exhibition.

06 July 2018
Cleanliness and shine to all disks!

The stand of AtlantAvto company will present car care goods from world producers to the visitors of InterAuto exhibition.

05 July 2018
TDK bio filters – a new generation of car engine air filters

InterAuto visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with an innovative technology of air filters production - EKO|BIO.

02 July 2018
"Smart" compressor from AUTOPROFI

AUTOPROFI company will display at the InterAuto exhibition a compressor with a number of other useful features.

29 June 2018
International conference of automotive industry suppliers

The International conference of automotive industry suppliers incorporating all leading players of the market will become the highlight of the business program of the InterAuto 2018 exhibition.

27 June 2018
New information partner of the InterAuto exhibition

Krepiozh, Klei, Instrument I … reference magazine joined the pool of information partners of the InterAuto exhibition.

27 June 2018
Fresh solution for your auto: Mentos car air freshener

InterAuto guests will get acquainted with the long waited novelty from AUTOPROFI company – the lineup of Mentos (mint) aromatizes.

19 June 2018
A novelty of car seat coverings from AUTOPROFI

Longstanding experience of AUTOPROFI production engineers + the latest developments = two new collections displayed at InterAuto 2018.

15 June 2018
Novelty from RaceChip Russia

RaceChip RS released a renewed tuning for VW Tiguan / Golf / Scirocco / 1.4 Tsi.

14 June 2018
New light and compact compressors from AUTOPROFI

Four new models with different design from one of the largest manufacturers of car accessories at InterAuto 2018!

13 June 2018

A joint conference initiated and organized by the Novosti Avtobiznesa publishing house, the Gruzovoy Portal magazine and the InterAuto 2018 management...

07 June 2018
KEYLESS BLOCK additional module

InterAuto visitors will get acquainted with a device to protect your car with keyless access.

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