Pavilion 2, halls 7, 8

Unique anti-theft system

24 August 2018

Author company is a developer and manufacturer of car security systems for car protection against theft and additional comfort for the car owner. Patented technology, own production, wide network of company installation centers, technical support 7 days a week. The flagship product is the digital anti-theft system IGLA. The company uses the technology of digital engine blocking via standard CAN-bus instead of imperfect analog relays and satellite alarms.

IGLASLAVE - next generation digital anti-theft system. A miniature digital device is integrated into the vehicle's standard wiring and at theft attempt blocks the engine, starter, automatic transmission or fuel supply system (depending on the brand and model of the car). Works via digital buses CAN-bus, 2 CAN-bus, LIN-bus.

The PIN-code is entered via standard car buttons and read via CAN-bus, 2 CAN-bus or LIN-bus.

Vehicle statuses are controlled via CAN-bus. Silent operation and protection from dampness and dirt. System indication only via standard car sounds and lights. Digital motion sensors read the speed data. Service mode and "Anti-hijack" mode. Comfort functions control.

With the help of Author CONFIG you can: Set the range of tags; configure accelerometer parameters (for IGLA Slave); enable / disable service mode for vehicle transfer to maintenance or diagnostics; and monitor the battery charge in tags (except the smartphone-tag).

Everybody is invited to visit G-222 AUTHOR’s stand to come to know more about anti-theft digital systems.

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24 August 2018
Unique anti-theft system

Author company will display at the InterAuto exhibition their latest development – anti-theft device IGLASLAVE combining functions of a digital immobilizer and Slave-alarm system.

24 August 2018
5 days are left before the InterAuto exhibition!

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