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Technologies of a new level

13 April 2018

Interpower will display at InterAuto an updated lineup of video registrators, radar detectors and combo devices. The engineers of the company created the devices for comfortable and safe driving combining the unique experience of car electronics production, modern technologies and requests from users.

Guests of the exhibition will see new series signature radar detectors and combo devices:

Radar detector SilverStone F1 is specifically intended for the Russian market. The model range of the SilverStone F1 video recorders was replenished with the devices with Wi-Fi technology allowing to operate the video registrator through an application and also with a long-awaited budgetary models with a magnet mounting (SilverStone F1 A80 Sky), GPS module (SilverStone F1 A80-GPS Sky) and the removable CPL filter (SilverStone F1 CROD A85-CPL).


17 July 2018
ComTransCon program

The preliminary program features four sessions devoted to effective technologies of commercial transport operation and repair.

16 July 2018
Sprayers to be used with aggressive chemical products

InterAuto visitors will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the range of Goizper Group sprayers to be used with aggressive chemical products widely applied in automotive industry.

16 July 2018
VDA QMC GlobalEvent – Expert Forum 2018

Expert Forum 2018 – VDA QMC regionel conference - will be held within the scope of the business program oft he InterAuto exhibition.

13 July 2018
Business conference Self-service Car Wash

The business conference will become a significant event of the business program of the InterAuto exhibition and will attract manufacturers and owners of self-service car wash stations.

12 July 2018
AIM-ONE carburetor cleaner: reinforced formula, small volume

AIM-ONE will display at the show the already popular among car fans and professionals carburetor cleaner Carb Cleaner AIM-ONE in a new volume of 200 ml.