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A novelty from Suprotec

21 June 2017

Suprotec research and production company will introduce a new product of chemical car care products family intended for salons ventilation and air conditioning systems cleaner PLUS with antiflu effect. Its compounding has been developed in the own laboratory of the company, and efficiency has been confirmed by an independent biolaboratory.

The ventilation and air conditioning systems cleaner PLUS is a modification of the well known "green" ventilation and air conditioning systems cleaner from Suprotec. The new formula of the "red" cleaner destroys the majority of bacteria and viruses species, including flu. After car interior treatment the active components remain on the air filter and in airways and destroy influenza and other diseases viruses within a month.

Moreover the new product destroys funguses and mold, neutralizes sources of unpleasant smells, clears the system of ventilation of dust and mud, fills air in salon with aroma of natural oils of grapefruit and Siberian larch.

Interauto 2017 visitors will have an opportunity to acquaint with the new product , ask questions and purchase the product.