International exhibition
of automotive industry InterAuto

August 25-28, 2020  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2, halls 5, 6, 7

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The 7th International exhibition InterAuto has been opened!

24 August 2011

The Gala Opening Ceremony of the 7th International exhibition InterAuto took place August 24, 2011 in Crocus Expo IEC. Press conference devoted to the exhibition opening was held in one of conference halls and attracted much attention of numerous journalists.

Correspondents fr om the most popular radio stations (AvtoRadio, Radio Ekho Moskvy, Golos Rossii and City FM), central TV channels (Rossiya, NTV, TV-Tsentr and Ren-TV), business and general political editions (Vedomosti, elovaya Moskva, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Profil, Expert i Itogui), specialized automotive magazines and Internet portals (Za Rulem, AbtoRevyu, AvtoMir and Tuning Avtomobiley) informational agencies (ITAR-TASS, InterFaks and RIA Novosti) provided press coverage of the event.

The press conference was opened by Arcady Zlotnikov, First Deputy Director Crocus Expo IEC. First of all Mr. Zlotnikov expressed gratitude to exhibitors which participated in one of the most significant events of the "automotive year» in Russia – InterAuto 2011. The speaker also has underlined the responsibility assigned this year to the entertaining program of the exhibition: «Each our project possesses the character, defined by a highlight”. In 2011 it was certainly, Yokohama Speed Festival organized by Yokohama RUS company. We are all aware of tragic events occurred in Japan, and we express sincere condolences to the victims of monstrous natural cataclysms. The festival is held for charitable purposes: we hope to collect enough of means to the fund for the victims of the tragedy .

Igor Korovkin, Chief Executive Association of Russian Carmakers NP (R) and Vice-president of the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles/OICA, and Oshima Junichi, President OOO Yokohama Rus, spoke at the press conference

Mr. Oshima Junichis speech caused set of emotions: journalists asked questions about the opening of first Yokohama factory in Russia (Lipetsk). The president of the world famous tire company explained the situation and expressed confidence in fast increase in assortment of Yokohama products in the Russian market.

As a whole, the press dialogue was extremely active and productive.

Mr. Korovkin noted the importance of the project: InterAuto is the leading exhibition in the country wh ere all the best from the branch of components is presented!.

The Gala Opening of the show was held after the press conference in the foyer of the second pavilion Crocus Expo IEC.

Dmitry Bolshakov, Vice-president of the Government of the Moscow region, Nikolay Asaul, Deputy Minister for Transport of the Russian Federation, Alexey Rakhmanov, Director of the Department of Motor Industry and Agricultural Mechanical Engineering of the Ministry for Industry and Commerce of the Russian Federation, Oshima Junichi, President OOO Yokohama Rus, Igor Komarov, President OAO AVTOVAZ, Igor Korovkin, Chief Executive Association of Russian Carmakers NP (R), and other guests of honor participated in the event. Honourable guests of InterAuto 2011 wished the exhibition to "grow" up to the status of the largest branch event in the world, cut the red ribbon and officially invited the visitors to the exposition.

Press Service Crocus Expo IEC